Newsletter, Issue #1, 3/12/2010
Karlyn Monroe, Editor
Doug McCullor, Assistant Editor

From the President & Co-founder, Claudia Monroe:

Claudia Monroe
Although these are very hard times for most not-for-profits, we have so much in which to be thankful! As a grassroots start-up with no real sustainability, we have been here for 16 years! How does that happen? The answer is: through the hard work and dedication of so many volunteers, dedicated staff and generous donors! I am thrilled to say we are in a state of growth!

I read a verse once that said "Success is not in never failing; it is in getting back up again once you have failed." Maybe that's where the saying came from to get right back up on the horse! I stopped counting my bruises! They just don't hurt when I see those smiles on our riders' faces!
About Us...

Thank you to all!

Claudia Monroe

Spotlight Rider

Spotlight RiderMatthew Tomassini is 20 years old and has been riding for almost two years at Centaur Stride.  Matt, along with his mom or dad, travel 35 miles one way every Saturday for his lesson. 

Not only does he ride, but he has learned how to care for the horses by grooming and saddling them as well. Click Here to read more...

Assistant Executive Director Position

Most organizations have an executive director...

Click here to download a PDF of the job description

Healing with Horses walk-a-thon

JonahPlease join us this weekend for our fundraising event!

If you can't join us-please consider sponsoring one of our riders...Click Here

About Centaur Stride

Our FacilityOpened in 1993, Centaur Stride is a 501 ( C ) 3 not-for-profit therapeutic and recreational horseback riding facility. Located in rural Westfield, NY, in Chautauqua County, Centaur Stride provides access to the benefits of horseback riding to a broad spectrum of individuals with disabilities. Programs are designed to improve many facets of the lives of riders, their families and the individuals working with them. Integrating lessons to allow riders without disabilities to participate creates awareness of the basic human needs of friendship, understanding and inclusion for all. Some make significant improvements in their physical abilities, but all riders, whether their challenges are physical, mental or emotional, or a combination of all of the above, make great "strides". 

Today, more than 150 individuals benefit annually.

Thank you!

Centaur Stride is a composite of the kindness, generosity, labor and ingenuity of so many people.  Every gift, whether large or small, time, talent, money, horses, items or labor, has helped to make it possible for Centaur Stride to continue to provide needed programs and services in our community. To all of you who have helped to make Centaur Stride what it is today, through prayers and support, List of Donors.
Sustainability Plan
Phase One:
  • To create awareness, a tool for communication and a means for on-line support/fundraising.
With the dedication from Karlyn, some reserved funds from the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, and a generous donation from Fessenden, Laumer and DeAngelo Athletic Sports Club, we went live on June 1, 2009. Our website is:

We recently received a "Field of Interest Grant" from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation to update our website (9 months after launch) and are presently hosting our first ever on-line fundraiser- "Healing with Horses Walk-a-thon". Please check out the testimonials of some of our riders and consider sponsoring them for this event. And if possible, please join us there.  
Phase II:
  • To generate funds that will not only benefit Centaur Stride, but will give back to the community and small businesses that supported us for the past 16 years. 

In line with the vision of Chautauqua County and Tourism, Centaur Stride launched the Chautauqua Bon Vivant- A Luxury Experience of Culinary, Wine & Spirits.

The Chautauqua Bon Vivant 2010

The festival is a two-day event that delights in the rich agricultural and cultural bounty of Chautauqua County and includes events such as a Saturday night Grand Tasting and Sunday's Champagne Infused Brunch. The festival showcases regional and local wineries, features premium spirits and master mixologists, platforms local and national vendors, and highlights superior quality cuisine - during a weekend of lavish tastings and special events. This event is designed to boost tourism and the PRIDE of Chautauqua. Proceeds will always benefit Centaur Stride, but area businesses will benefit from the ripple effect. Hopefully, this annual event will grow and become a calendar call for tourists and community supporters alike and provide the security that we need (to make a budget and grow in programs).

Mark your calendars- the 2nd annual Chautauqua Bon Vivant is September 24-26, 2010!!
Program Development

Our newest program in the works is "Project Horseworks". 

Keep in contact to learn more as it develops!
Click here to see our other programs.
Fundraising: Calendar of Events

Since we're not there yet (sustainability), we still need to have many fundraising events and solicit donations. A calendar of events can be found on our website.
Calendar of Events... 
Help and Support

Volunteers have and will always be crucial to our operations. We hope to add a volunteer recognition section soon to our website. For now, I especially want to recognize and thank Pat Eimers as outgoing Board Treasurer for her dedication to our center for the past 2 years. Someday, we also hope to have a Memory Garden. This past January, we lost our most senior volunteer, Lovina Saigeon, who passed away at the age of 90. She had a testimonial in her obituary regarding how much she enjoyed coming here, and I was surprised to talk to the people at her funeral and learn how many people she had told about Centaur Stride. She asked that donations be made to Centaur Stride in memory of her. Centaur Stride is a wonderful place for so many, and if living testimonials and eye-witnessing aren't enough, I am even more touched to read such testimonials in the obituaries of our dearly departed.

Please join our team! It is not in what you receive, but by what you give that you receive such joy in return.

Donate & Volunteer
Wish List

  • Participants and Sponsors for Walk-a-thon
  • Prizes/donations for Night at the Races
  • Items for Theme Basket Raffle
  • Volunteers
  • Water Cooler