Centaur Stride Newsletter, Issue #2, 7/21/2010
About Centaur Stride

Our FacilityOpened in 1993, Centaur Stride is a 501 ( C ) 3 not-for-profit therapeutic and recreational horseback riding facility. Located in rural Westfield, NY, in Chautauqua County, Centaur Stride provides access to the benefits of horseback riding to a broad spectrum of individuals with disabilities. Programs are designed to improve many facets of the lives of riders, their families and the individuals working with them. Integrating lessons to allow riders without disabilities to participate creates awareness of the basic human needs of friendship, understanding and inclusion for all. Some make significant improvements in their physical abilities, but all riders, whether their challenges are physical, mental or emotional, or a combination of all of the above, make great "strides". Today, more than 150 individuals benefit annually.

Spotlight Rider: Chryssie Rose

Spotlight RiderChryssie Rose is 11 years old and has been riding at Centaur Stride for the past 6 years. It has been an amazingly positive experience for her, both physically and mentally. It has boosted her self-esteem and taught her independence, perseverance, discipline. It has positively impacted all aspects of her life.

Chryssie Rose was born with Trisomy 21, commonly referred to as Down Syndrome.

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Spotlight Horse: Rosie

Rosie is a mule. That's half horse and half donkey. Rosie is our second smallest "horse" at Centaur Stride. With her long ears and horsy tail she is a favorite of most of our smaller riders. She is also narrower in her ribcage than the horses so she can be ridden by someone who has less range of motion in their hips. She has even been affectionately called "black beauty" by one of her riders due to her dark color. You can always tell when Rosie is not happy, because she will swish her tail. If she feels that you are brushing her too hard she will start swooshing that tail back and forth in her "not a happy tail" attitude, which is a good indicator to our riders of how to properly brush a horse.

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Fundraising: Calendar of Events

Since we're not there yet (sustainability), we still need to have many fundraising events and solicit donations. 

A calendar of events can be found on our website.

Calendar of Events

Ongoing Fundraiser

We are collecting the following items at Centaur Stride for recycling: We can collect for Planet Earth Recycling:

1. Ink Jet cartridges
2. Laser/Toner cartridges
3. Cell phones

We can collect for Cartridges for KidsŪ: ALL WORKING:

1. scientific graphing calculators
2. GPS devices
3. laptops
4. iPods
5. PDA's
6. video games & consoles
7. scientific graphing calculators
8. digital cameras
9. DVD's

Letter from the President & Co-founder, Claudia Monroe:

This is the most exciting time in the history of Centaur Stride! It has taken many volunteer hours, dedication of many Board Members, and support from so many people throughout the years to get to this point. So thank you all for making all this possible!

Foremost, the current Board of Directors has been diligently working on a sustainability plan. That includes a fundraising plan, staff retention and development, volunteer recruitment, training and retention, and program development. That is a big undertaking for a volunteer board, but it is going well.

Under fundraising, we had several excellent fundraisers: our first online fundraiser, combined with the Walk-a-thon, and supported very well by family and friends of our riders, yielded more than $8000. The Daemen College Class of 2010 Physical Therapy Students, facilitated by Megan Tomassini, raised over $3400. The Lakewood Kiwanis held the second Annual Nite at the Races in May, and are seeking matching funds from the Kiwanis International Organization We held our Annual Theme Basket Raffle and made just over $1600. On June 6, the KISS FM Tavern Tourney at the Southhills Golf Course was designated to benefit Centaur Stride. All this work from so many people and supporters allowed us to hire two new staff and start one new program.

Kellie Roberts is our new Program Director. She will be taking on many responsibilities as we grow. Our new Program is called Project Horseworks. Barb Johnson is back with us, heading up that program.

Our greatest endeavor for sustainability is the Chautauqua Bon Vivant. This is our second year for this event. The potential for growth of this event is enormous, and will benefit our whole community in many ways. Centaur Stride is the designated beneficiary of all proceeds, and as this event grows, so will our capacity for more programs, as more funding will be available. Check out more details in our newsletter.

Many hands make light work! It feels much lighter!
Thank you!

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The Chautauqua Bon Vivant 2010

September 24-26th, 2010 at the
Suites Hotel & Expo Center

The Chautauqua Bon Vivant is a luxurious experience of Culinary, Wine & Spirits. This three-day event that delights in the rich agricultural and cultural bounty of New York State, enhancing the future of the State that capitalizes on its assets while preserving the rural charm of its region, includes: Friday evening Art Appreciation and Classic Cocktails; Saturday Wine Pairing Lunch, Wines of the Region Seminar, Grand Reception and Tasting; and Sunday's Champagne Infused Brunch.

Mark your calendar to enjoy the 2nd Annual Chautauqua Bon Vivant, an event that promises to showcase both regional and local wineries, feature premium spirits and top mixologists, and highlight superior quality cuisine - during a weekend of lavish tastings, demonstrations, and special events. And your ticket works twofold: Not only does it get you in the door to the luxury learning experience, but it also supports a charity organization.

Proceeds will benefit Centaur Stride Therapeutic Riding Facility, a not-for-profit organization located in rural Westfield NY, in Chautauqua County. On Sunday afternoon, Centaur Stride will host an Open House. The tour will offer guests an opportunity to observe the facility that provides access to the benefits of horseback riding to a broad spectrum of individuals with disabilities.

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2010 Q1 Fundraising Events Recap

Thank you to all who helped make fundraisers a great success!

  1. Daemen College Spring Gala Benefits Centaur Stride
  2. 10th Annual Tavern Charity Golf Tourney Benefits Centaur Stride
  3. Healing with Horses Walkathon
  4. Theme basket raffle
Program Development

Recently, Cummins Engine of Jamestown awarded a grant to Centaur Stride to support their new program called 'Project Horseworks'. In May, employees from the Jamestown plant volunteered their time and talent to build raised garden boxes, while the grant covered supplies and materials for the program.

"The garden boxes are accessible for everyone, even those in wheelchairs, and also create a great barrier for ground critters", states Centaur Stride president, Claudia Monroe. Click here to read the rest...

Click here to see our other programs.

Help and Support

Centaur Stride needs your continued support. Gifts can be made in a variety of ways... We are also very fortunate to have two endowment funds through the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. We receive the interest annually. When these funds grow to a substantial size, we will also be more financially stable. The first fund, initiated by Lyle and Gladys Peterson of Jamestown, is the Centaur Stride Therapeutic Horseback Riding for the Handicapped Fund. The second, initiated by Doug and Lamae McCullor of Jamestown, is the Animals for the Disabled Fund. Tax deductible donations can be made to either of them at any time through the Community Foundation.

Thank You!

Centaur Stride is a composite of the kindness, generosity, labor and ingenuity of so many people. Every gift, whether large or small, time, talent, money, horses, items or labor, has helped to make it possible for Centaur Stride to continue to provide needed programs and services in our community.

To all of you who have helped to make Centaur Stride what it is today, through prayers and support, Thank you!


Volunteers have and will always be crucial to our operations.

Please join our team! It is not in what you receive, but by what you give that you receive such joy in return. Volunteers are needed in the following areas...

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