Our Facility

Centaur Stride is a year round facility that provides services to more than 150 riders with disabilities. Centaur Stride is a very unique facility in that it brings together people of all ability levels and provides an opportunity for those without disabilities to develop a better understanding of the every day challenges others must face and overcome.

Volunteers are instrumental in the operation of our programs. Not only do they afford those with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a therapeutic leisure activity, but they also experience the benefits and joy of helping others.

Riders are charged a nominal riding fee to keep it affordable for all, but it in no way covers all of the expenses incurred at the facility. Other funds must be attained, through grants, fund-raising events, and donations in order to offset the costs. We depend upon our community members to help us continue to offer these much needed services.

Demands for therapeutic riding program(s) continue to increase rapidly especially as government programs continue to be cut. This form of rehabilitation has gained wide recognition. Equine activities develop self-awareness, build self-confidence, and improve concentration and self-discipline. Physically, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and posture are improved as well. The sense of freedom and independence exercise the spirit as well as the body, stimulating a new mode for learning and movement. Carry-over to the home and school enhances the main goal of Centaur Stride: improved quality of life for those with special needs.


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